13686 Highway 183

Austin, Texas 78750



I am a tattoo artist in Austin Texas.  No matter where you are it is worth the drive to get something permanent done by a professional you know will do the job exceptionally well.  If you need a bright colorful tattoo, black and grey, realistic tattoo, cover up  or just something small, I can do it all.  I started tattooing in 1994, and have pretty much devoted my entire life to perfecting that art.

I have won multiple awards for Best Full Back Tattoo, Best Color Tattoo, and Best Overall Tattoo in multiple venues. 


I use only state of the art equiptment, pigments.  I have invested in every aspect of my work. My client's comfort is a priority.  Which is why I have top of the line furniture to make getting your piece as easy as possible.  I keep Movies, Music and TV for client viewing while getting your tattoo to help pass the time. 

I work personally with each client to discuss your ideas.  We will create a cohesive visually appealing design. This process creates the best possible tattoo for each individual client.  I believe that EVERY tattoo no matter how big or small should be completely original. As a result I prefer to hand draw every tattoo that I do. You can also bring artwork that you would like me to work with. Also, I have met very few tattoos that I couldn't cover-up, or fix.  So if you are looking to right a wrong done to you I can help.  I have been working at Atomic Tattoo in Austin Texas since 1998. (see the contact page for details and a map)

I have 3 children Gabby (Oldest), Mercy and Zaden (twins). I have 2 devotions, my family, AND my career.  I also love to draw, and draw, and draw, and draw (you get the picture).